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Presentation to Wendy and Peter Redman
from the grateful folk of Tipps End, 26th May 2007

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report by the webmaster, May 2007

As reported elsewhere, Wendy and Peter Redman recently announced their retirement, and the closure of their shop - the Post Office Stores - as from Saturday 16th June 2007.

And so it was that on the afternoon of Saturday 26th May, three weeks before their retirement, a contingent of customers from Tipps End gathered outside the shop just before Wendy was due to close for the day.

Wendy and Pete were invited to "step outside for a moment", which they did with some trepidation.
Pete and Wendy outside shop
 "Do you think they want to complain about us closing down, Pete?"

But all was well. The Tipps Enders just wanted to ensure that they did not miss out on marking Wendy and Pete's retirement, and to thank them for all their help and assistance over the years. A door-to-door collection by two intrepid Tipps End ladies during May had raised a goodly sum and a variety of presents bought. But some of the organisers were to be away on holiday in June, so it was decided to bring forward the presentation to a somewhat surprised Wendy and Pete.
Pete and Wendy receiving presents Wendy was given a large basket of flowers, and the couple were presented with a large card signed by many Tipps End residents, (and one Welney family too, I don't know how they got in, but we are happy to make them temporary honorary Tipps Enders!). Click cards for larger views.
card outside card-inside

 But it didn't stop there. Each was given a bag of "goodies".
Pete and Wendy opening their presents
The contents of the bags included a gold, diamond and sapphire broach for Wendy and a silver fob (hunter) watch for Pete.
Wendy's broach Peter's watch

There were also two tickets for the Royal Norfolk Show later in June.

Acknowledgements and Sources:
Text and Photos © 2007 Peter Cox
Some of the comments on the card neatly sum up many residents feelings: "What will we do without you, you are the closest thing to indispensable. Very best wishes for a happy stress free retirement, you both deserve it"  and "We will miss you".

The organisers apologise to anyone in Tipps End who was not in at the time the collection was made and therefore unable to contribute or sign the card. 

 A week later, the main village of Welney made their own presentation
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