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page created January 2006, amended/updated Monday, 23 May 2011
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1910 c1910

1915 c1915
Mr Walter Bearcock, the longest serving headmaster, with the boys in 1915.
Left to right:
  • Back: Basil Smith, Roy Kent, Bert See, George Bedford, Ernie Loveday, Len Bedford, Fred Markham, Fred Kent, Mr Bearcock
  • Middle: George Butcher, Stan Trower, Reg Taylor, Charlie Poole, Fred Bedford, Horace Stovell, John Payne, Harold Smart, Arthur Swann
  • Front: John Lee Singleterry, Cyril Winters, Eric Kent, Fred Knighton, Jack Rudland, ? Stewart, Charlie Stovell, and Ernie James
Ernie James, front right, the last of the famous "fen tigers" died in 2006 aged 99

Some major events of the year
  • The second year of "the Great War" (WW1)
  • Jan. German Zeppelin rigid airships bombed East Anglia including Kings Lynn.
  • May. RMS Lusitania sunk by German U-boat killing 1,198 people (leading indirectly to the entry of USA in WW1)
  • May. Coalition government formed
  • Jun. British Women's Institute founded
  • Dec 25th. British and German troops in Flanders left their trenches for a while to play football in no-man's land.
1920 c1920

1920 c1920

1930s 1930s

Festival of Britain symbol 1951 1951
Mrs. Winifred with a 1951 class - from left to right,
  • Back: Robin Gordon, Adrian Jacobs, Janet Ford, ??, Peter Bedford, Edward Hankins, Bernie Markham.
  • Middle: Dawn Butcher, Angela Keil, Sylvia Judge, Pat Judge, Mrs. Winifred, Joy Kent, Valerie Swann, Bridget Smart, Diane Ford.
  • Front: David Scarff, Roger Moden, Ronnie Tuck, Olive Markham, Esme Butcher, Sandra Gordon, ??, Ian Markham, ??.
   Robin Gordon (back, left) tragically drowned in the Old Bedford River, c1954.
Some major events of the year
  • the Festival of Britain.
  • Royal Festival Hall opened.
  • War in Korea involves British army incl. National Servicemen.
  • Conservatives won the General Election in Oct.
  • Winston Churchill  re-elected Prime Minister
  • hit songs were Tom Dooley (Kingston Trio), Be my Love (Mario Lanza)  & Because of you (Tony Bennett)
  • radio comedy: "Educating Archie" - can you believe it now, a ventriloquist on radio?
1953 1953
PT (PE) in the school yard, 1953
1954 1954
Mrs Brotherton with the infants, 1954, left to right:
  • Back: Nigel Singleterry, Chris Smart, Bruce Kent, Barry Kent
  • Middle: Malcolm Markham, Basil Kent, Chris Hilson, ? Scowen, ??, David Scarff, Ian Markham.
  • Front: Esme Butcher, Mary Singleterry, Sandra Smart, Diane Ford, Valerie Scarff, ??,??.
1955 1955
  • Back, left to right: Edward Hankins, Bridget Smart, Janet Ford, ??, Peter Bedford.
  • Middle, standing: Christopher Hilson, Joy Kent, Ian Scarff, Mary Singleterry, ??, Nigel Singleterry.
  • Middle kneeling: Basil Kent, Valerie Scarff, Ian Markham, ??, David Scarff, Ron Tuck, Chris Smart.
  • Front: ??, Bruce Kent, Malcolm Markham, ??, Diane Ford, Joyce Smart, Mary Scarff.
1956 1956
Mr & Mrs Brotherton with juniors & infants, left to right:
  • Back: Mrs Brotherton, Esme Butcher, Midge? Graves, Joyce Smart, Valerie Scarff, Marion Lythell, Daphne Taylor, Tony Smart, Paul Goodger, Malcolm Markham, Nigel Singleterry, Chris Smart, Bruce Kent, Chistopher Hilson, Mr Brotherton (headmaster)
  • Sitting: Bridget Smart, Valerie Swann, Mary Singleterry, Sandra Smart, Diane Ford, Kathlyn Winfrow, Ronnie Tuck, Roger Moden, I an Markham, David Scarff, Les Livesey, Barry Kent, Basil Kent.
  • Front: Mary Scarff, Hazel Markham, Beryl Markham, Eve Butcher, Mavis Scarff, Jean Wilson, Colin Moden, Ian Scott, Paul Smith, Keith Arnold, Douglas Carter, Peter Ford, Tony Judge.
1957 1957 inf Mrs Peggy Turner, the headmaster's wife, with the infants in 1957, left to right:
  • Back: Jean Wilson, David Carter, Richard Carter, Douglas Carter, Paul Smith, Paul Goodger, Ian Scott, Tony Judge, Peter Dolton, Hazel Markham.
  • Centre: Colin Moden, Christine Scarff, Sandra Arnold, Susan Carter, Janice Smart, Bernadette Stronge, Maureen Scarff, Mavis Scarff, Phil Singleterry.
  • Front: Peter Ford, Colin Taylor, Peter Carter, Michael Scott, David Smart, Dennis Markham, Michael White.
1957 1957 jun
Mr Bryan Turner, the newly appointed headmaster, with the juniors in 1957,
left to right:
  • From left to right: Back row: Christopher Hilson, Tony Smart, Joyce Smart, Sandra Smart, Mary Singleterry, Esme Butcher, Diane Ford, Valerie Scarff, Barry Kent, Ian Markham.
  • Sitting: Eve Butcher, Marion Lythell, Mary Scarff, Beryl Markham, Daphne Taylor, Kathleen Winfrow.
  • Front: Keith Arnold, Nigel Singleterry, Bruce Kent, Basil Kent, Malcolm Markham, Chris Smart.
1958 1958 inf
Mrs Moden with the infants in 1958
  • Left to right: Back: Mrs Moden
  • Middle, standing:
  • Middle, sitting:
  • Front:
1958 1958 jun
Mr Bryan Turner with the juniors in 1958
  • Left to right: Back: Mr Turner, Elizabeth Law, Tony Judge, Eve Butcher, Douglas Carter, Beryl Markham, Ian Scott, Marion Lythell.
  • Middle, standing: Paul Smith, Malcolm Markham, Nigel Singleterry, Tony Smart, Christopher Hilson.
  • Middle, sitting: Peter Ford, Daphne Taylor, Joyce Smart, Keith Arnold, Paul Goodger, Mary Scarff, Susan Walters, Janice Smart.
  • Front: Jean Wilson, Colin Moden, Hazel Markham, John Walters, Beverley Walters, Mavis Scarff.
1959 1959 inf
Mrs Moden with the infants in 1959
  • Left to right, Back row: Sandra Arnold, Christine Scarff, Richard Carter, Angela Booth, Bernadette Stronge.
  • Middle, standing: Peter Dolton, Colin Taylor, Phil Singleterry, Andrew Hankins.
  • Middle, sitting: John Carter, Christine Johnson, Mrs Moden, Susan Carter, David Smart.
  • Front: Dennis Markham, Maureen Scarff, Linsey Scott, Susan Law, Alan Stronge
1959 1959 jun
Mr Turner with the 1959 junior class, left to right:
  • Back: Paul Goodger, Ian Scott, Mary Scarff, Beryl Markham, Nigel Singleterry, Malcolm Markham.
  • Middle, standing: Kathlyn Winfrow, Christopher Hilson, Daphne Taylor, Paul Smith, Joyce Smart, Tony Smart.
  • Middle, sitting: Tony Judge, Elizabeth Law, Keith Arnold, Marion Lythell, Colin Moden, Eve Butcher.
  • Front: Douglas Carter, Janice Smart, Jean Wilson, Mavis Scarff, Hazel Markham, Peter Ford
1960 1960
Mr Turner and Mrs Moden with the infants and juniors, 1960, left to right
  • Back: Phil Singleterry, Jean Wilson, Hazel Markham, Peter Dolton, Eve Butcher, Elizabeth Law, Richard Carter, Douglas Carter, Tony Judge, Mr Turner.
  • Middle, standing: Joyce Smart, Daphne Taylor, Tony Smart, Kathlyn Winfrow, Paul Smith, Paul Goodger, Beryl Markham, Keith Arnold, Ian Scott.
  • Middle, sitting: Christine Johnson, Mavis Scarff, Bernadette Stronge, Susan Carter, Beryl Scarff, Angela Booth, Sandra Arnold, Peter Ford, Colin Taylor, Andrew Hankins.
  • Front: John Carter, David Smart, Dennis Markham, Bernard Coo, Linsey Scott, Maureen Scarff, Susan Law, Graham Scott, Alan Stronge, Christine Scarff.
1962 1962
Mr Bryan Turner with the juniors, 1962, left to right:
  • Back: Phil Singleterry, Angela Booth, Richard Carter, Hazel Markham, Peter Dolton, Janice Smart, Peter Ford, Sandra Arnold, Colin Taylor.
  • Sitting: Linsey Sott, Christine Johnson, Bernadette Stronge, Susan Carter, Beryl Scarff, Susan Law, Maureen Scarff.
  • Front: Michael White, David Smart, Andrew Hankins, Dennis Markham, John Carter, Alan Stronge, Christine Scarff
Sandra Arnold (back row)  e-mailed in 2005 to say she became Sandra Pope in 1970, moved to Australia in 1984 and now lives with her family in Jimboomba, Queensland
1964 1964
Mr Turner and Mrs Moden with the juniors and infants in 1964, left to right:
  • Back: Mrs Moden, John Carter, Kenneth Goodger, Shaun Booth, Steven Smart, Bernard Coo, Graham Scott, Philip Griggs, Royston Hinde, Mr Turner, Andrew Hankins
  • Centre, standing: Martin Cage, Christine Scarff, Jane Edwards, Linsey Scott, ??, Susan Law, Wendy Carter, John Kent, Elaine Oliver
  • Centre, sitting: ??, Barbara Carter, Jill Edwards, Audrey Scarff, Gillian Carter, Jane Turner, Linda Wilson.
  • Front: Gary Scarff, ??, Kevin Cage, Simon Goodger, ??, Andrew Markham, David Hinde.
Very sadly, Martin Cage (centre, standing) drowned in the River Delph later in the year
1977 1977
  • Back: Mrs Moden, Neil Doy, Joanne Lowry, Debbie Penn, Andrew Briggs, Elizabeth Clayton, Nicholas Thrale, Mr Turner.
  • Standing: Peter Scarff, Rebecca Kent, Sam Clayton, ??, Duncan Singleterry, Geoffrey Arnold, Jonathon Ramm.
  • Sitting: John Waring, Sandra Penn, Hazel Arnold, Stuart Singleterry, Denise Lowry, Lisa Kent, Maria Singleterry.
  • Front: Edward Redman, Jason Penn, Rebecca Clayton, Matthew Waring, Tracey Scarff, Paula Doy

June 2010.  Thanks to Joanne Lowry - now Jo Tuck - for supplying most of these names.

May 2011. Thanks to Lisa Kent for supplying another name.

 Just one more to identify!

1978 1978
Presentation of the swimming trophy in 1978
1983 1983
the school football team, 1983, left to right:
  • Back: Mark Neal, Oliver Scott, David Thorpe, Nick Penn, James Venni, Jimmy Slow.
  • Front: Mark Smith, Paul Neal, ??, Simon Singleterry, Simon Neal, Drew Norman.
Many have contribute to this page over the years. Will try to post names soon.

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